The team’s aim is to ensure that Tunnelling Projects are planned and delivered in a safe, consistent and professional way that meets both its own in house and external client expectations. To achieve this TUNNELLING SOLUTIONS is structured to support both Project Development and Delivery phases of a Tunnelling Projects life cycle. 

Craig Farr heads up the Project Development team whilst Harry Lyle and his team have a Project Delivery focus. These two teams provide support to Companies competing within the Australia Tunnelling market  by providing access to the right people with the right experience and at the right time, which not only means the right tunnelling solution is found but also at the right overall price.

TUNNELLING SOLUTIONS are able to attract and retain in Australia  the calibre of people it can offer to the tunnelling industry because it services the wider tunnelling industry and not a single entity and therefore provides continuity of employment for local tunnelling specialists,  that have traditionally have had to follow the work around the world .  

The intent of both teams is to provide Clients access to specialist tunnelling resources on an as needs basis within Australia and in doing so provide cost effective solutions.

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Tunnelling Specialist

Harry’s extensive production management experience in the tunnelling industry has taken him all over the world. He has extensive technical construction knowledge in all types of tunnel excavation, ground support and lining and his practical experience in delivering some of the largest and most complex tunnel projects in the world.

Tunnelling Specialist.

With over three decades’ tunnelling experience, Craig has used all construction methodologies – TBM, roadheader and drill-and-blast – in all types of rocks and soils, using all types of support systems and all types of delivery mechanisms from Alliancing to hard dollar D&C.

After completing his position as design manager for the Heathrow T5C project in United Kingdom, (where he championed the BIM, Digital

Prototyping and DfMA process), Nick was selected from an elite group of international candidates to work on the Melbourne Eastlink project.

Whilst on the job, Nick immediately stood out for his innovative approach to solutions and his passion and flair for graphic communication and process development. 

John is an industry recognized expert in tunnel and underground construction with over 30 years of continuous experience. His has worked on major project across Australia and overseas with top tier Construction companies.  

He has supervised the delivery of both onshore and off shore construction and worked on one of the largest coal export facilities in the world through the construction of a third birth and shiploader.    


Todd is an accomplished Supervisor, Electrician, Instrumentation Technician, HV Operation and HV Tester with strong skill sets, confidence, great work ethic and efficient approach to design making.

He has worked in different fields with great success due to his excellent communication skills and ability to remain focused.