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Since the Melbourne City Link Project was delivered back in the late 1990’s the local tunnelling industry has typically been required to support one major tunnel project at a time but has also been blessed with a pipeline of work that ensured at least one major tunnelling project was being delivered ever since. This has enabled the industry and the workforce to move from one project to the next. 

However going forward, not only are government clients increasingly looking to the industry to upskill the local workforce rather than import offshore labour, the amount of tunnelling infrastructure works anticipated to come to the market over the next decade will dictate that need to provide specialist training develop a tunnelling workforce from outside the industry.

Tunnelling Solutions are well placed to assist the industry in this challenge as both Craig Farr and Harry Lyle have been involved in not only recruiting but then upskilling supervision and labour from outside the tunnelling industry and in the process developing the right culture with respect to safety and quality without adversely impacting productivity. Under pinning this approach has been the development and delivery of specific specialist training and on boarding processes which can be tailored to meet your specific project or client needs.