Engineering and design management resources support, and for the development of strategic engineering and design management applications.

 Tunnelling Solutions have the right people, with the right experience and networks to assist you with developing a tunnel design solution that is not only safe to build but is also cost and time effective and meets local standards. 

Their approach is based on actual experience in managing and working with all of the major tunnel design consultants in Australia and ensuring the integration of innovation into the design development throughout the life cycle on large infrastructure projects within Australia and off shore. This means we have a complete appreciation of what critical design work needs to be completed at each stage of a projects development to ensure that is ultimately approved and available for use by the construction team. 

This approach, based on lessons learnt on numerous tunnel infrastructure projects maximises the return on your design development budget whilst facilitating usable and timely I.F.C design documentation.

Engineering Peer reviews have become an important tool in managing key project delivery risks. They are carried out not only in Project delivery phase to ensure quality, safety and productivity targets are achieved but also during the design and construction methodology develop that occurs during tender development as well as feasibility studies. 

Tunnelling Solutions, given their extensive tunnel construction and peer review experience are well placed and qualified to assist in reviewing and providing a detailed report into the key risk areas at critical stages of a tender or projects development. Key risk areas that people such as Craig Farr and Harry Lyle have previously peer reviewed include concept and detailed design development, productivity and costs estimates, construction management plans as well as project wide safety and quality inspections.