Tunnelling Solutions recently supplied specialised shotcrete supervisors to John Holland for their Level Crossing Removal Project in Melbourne. 

After several weeks of challenging excavation, Tunnelling Solutions have broken through on the Arncliffe Pedestrian Link in Sydney.

With very poor ground conditions throughout, along with de-clutched canopy tubes under only 2.5m of cover - and trains running above them - the Tunnelling Solutions team did an excellent job in delivering this phase of the project.

The team will now focus on the Permanent Concrete Lining of the Tunnel and Portal Structure.

And hand-tunnelling is one of them.

What you say..?  In this day of continuous improvement, research and development of bigger and better machinery, you are talking about hand-tunnelling.

Tunnelling Solutions completed the excavation and permanent lining of the Arncliffe Pedestrian Tunnel on time and without incident.

When you speak to some, they say site safety has been taken too far and it is now not workable.  This is absolutely not the case, as progress made over the last decade in keeping people safe has been outstanding.

Most people's first impression of a Tunneller is not always the best.

This army of underground workers, commonly clad in bright orange reflective clothing which is constantly covered in soil and seat, are the people who work on most tunnelling projects around the clock.  The working conditions can sometimes be challenging; the hours can be long; with the risks being high, but generally the rewards are excellent.