Most people's first impression of a Tunneller is not always the best.

This army of underground workers, commonly clad in bright orange reflective clothing which is constantly covered in soil and seat, are the people who work on most tunnelling projects around the clock.  The working conditions can sometimes be challenging; the hours can be long; with the risks being high, but generally the rewards are excellent.

It's been one year since Tunnelling Solutions started operations.  This first year has been a time of setting up, generating business, maintaining contacts and most of all, getting used to the transition of working remotely without the daily surrounds of an office environment.

What they set out to do has been done, all while getting on with the business of providing a one stop shop of specialist knowledge to organisations and projects involved in the planning, procurement and delivery of tunnelling projects.

With the potential amount of future tunnelling projects on the horizon in Australia, Tunnelling Solutions is keen to hear from tunnelling specialists interested in future employment.

An offer is also extended to tunnelling personnel in the UK who would be interested in working in Australia.  Harry Lyle will be in the UK early September and will be available for discussions about the future of tunnelling in Australia. 

Please contact Harry via this website or his LinkedIn page to register your interest and include a return contact number

Shotcrete Nozzle Men will be in big demand when work commences on Sydney's three main tunnelling projects early next year.

History has shown us time and time again that poorly applied shotcrete can cause severe construction failures along with serious injuries.

Tunnelling Solutions will soon complete their Contract in Chennai.  On the 31st of July, the remaining members of the specialist team will be packing up and heading home to their families. 
For months, each expert member provided their unique skills for managing soft ground, working 12-hour shifts, day and night, 7 days a week.  They are now due for some well deserved rest.

With their combined experience and foresight, both Harry and Craig have seen the need for prior learning, training and accreditation for tunnelling specific employees.

Following Tunnelling Solutions presentation to the Australian Tunnelling Society on the resourcing challenges facing the tunnelling industry in Australia late last year, (read presentation brief at, they have been developing a training program to equip workers with specialist skills and knowledge required for the tunnelling industry.