Most people's first impression of a Tunneller is not always the best.

This army of underground workers, commonly clad in bright orange reflective clothing which is constantly covered in soil and seat, are the people who work on most tunnelling projects around the clock.  The working conditions can sometimes be challenging; the hours can be long; with the risks being high, but generally the rewards are excellent.


Many pass on the idea of being a Tunneller to work underground, but those who made the choice to join The Orange Army, have never looked back.

After a detailed interview and selection process, they are welcomed into a world of camaraderie, mateship and care.  A world where they are encouraged to participate and talk up and not to accept anything that's unsafe.  For many, promotion will be a long time coming but for those who do stand out and demonstrate a willingness to communicate and lead, there is an accelerated path into supervisory roles and greater reward.

With the Tunnelling Industry growing at a rate we have never seen before, strong supervisory skills are vital in leading, understanding and developing the unique skills and culture required to support an Orange Army.

Photo of Eastlink Tunnel Team courtesy of John Holland