It's been one year since Tunnelling Solutions started operations.  This first year has been a time of setting up, generating business, maintaining contacts and most of all, getting used to the transition of working remotely without the daily surrounds of an office environment.

What they set out to do has been done, all while getting on with the business of providing a one stop shop of specialist knowledge to organisations and projects involved in the planning, procurement and delivery of tunnelling projects.

Under the supervision of Harry Lyle, the Project Delivery Team have seen the safe completion of projects requiring specialist tunnelling expertise, while Craig Farr has been leading the Project Development Team with tender support and peer reviews.

With 14 contracts - some complete and others in progress - around Australia and overseas, it's been a busy year for Harry and Craig.  The teams have spent over 350 hours commuting by air to their respective jobs.  (To put that in perspective, it takes just over 44 hours to fly around the world - so you could say the Tunnelling Solutions teams flew around the world in just under 8 times in one year.)

Tunnelling Solutions' vision for the future is the accreditation of Certificate III in Civil Construction - Tunnel Construction.  Work is in progress and once accredited by the appropriate bodies, Tunnelling Solutions will be recognised as the pioneers of specialist tunnelling training who have redefined the industry and provided a unique and elite Tunnelling workforce.