Tunnelling Solutions will soon complete their Contract in Chennai.  On the 31st of July, the remaining members of the specialist team will be packing up and heading home to their families. 
For months, each expert member provided their unique skills for managing soft ground, working 12-hour shifts, day and night, 7 days a week.  They are now due for some well deserved rest.

Recognition goes to Phil and Josh Aitken, an extremely experienced father and son team, who worked tirelessly on nightshift while there.  Q Jones, Campbell Butcher and Eamon Whelan made themselves available when the team needed refreshing.  Their unique skills and attitude provided a great boost to everyone.  And Fergal Hester, the youngest member of the team, stayed in Chennai for the entire duration - showing an excellent example of passion and determination. 

The local team of Engineers and Supervisors assigned to Tunnelling Solutions displayed great enthusiasm and were always keen to learn.  Good relationships make for a safer workplace and we are thankful for their contribution.

Once again Tunnelling Solutions has shown that by placing the right people on the job, work can be safely accomplished, even in the most extreme conditions.